4 Reasons Why You NEED Amazon Prime!

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Today I want to talk to you about one of my most favorite things! AMAZON PRIME! For the last couple of years my husband and I have had an amazon prime account. I must say, it has been one of our best purchases. We are constantly making purchases on Amazon.


I must admit, before I became an Amazon Prime user, I thought it was only for shipping. When I visited amazon.com it would always suggest I become a member for free shipping. at $99 for the year, I wasn’t so interested. In my mind I didn’t shop too much on Amazon, so why would I need to spend my hard earned money for free shipping, no thanks!


It wasn’t until one year, Amazon ran a special. $49 for 12 months of Amazon Prime. My husband suggested we try it out! I was a little skeptical, but agreed to it since it was half the price.


My world changed FOREVER!!


My  husband told me that Amazon Prime was not only for free shipping to look more into it. And let me tell you, this is when the fun began!



it’s more than free shipping!


After investigating into my Amazon Prime membership I learned that not only do you get free shipping, you get multiple benefits to this amazing membership.


I don’t think that everyone who has Amazon Prime is even aware of all the benefits you get. So this is why I wanted to lay it all our for you and also give you 4 reasons why you need Amazon Prime!


4 reasons you need amazon prime


1. Free shipping



It goes without say the free shipping deal is sweet. But getting what you want in 2 days, even sweeter!

You will notice that you can actually find a lot of great deals on amazon. There are actually bloggers that devote their website to finding you coupon deals.

There is also this feature on amazon called subscribe and save. Not only will subscribe and save save you a little money, but it will ship you your items automatically for however many month you set it for.

For example, everyone needs toilet paper and sometimes that’s the item we always forget on our grocery list.  If you use subscribe and save you can have your toilet paper come to you every 2-3 months or whatever time frame you use.

My husband changes the oil in our vehicles, but he hates going to the grocery store. He found a particular motor oil we use on subscribe and save and had that coming to our house every couple of months.  It was quite the luxury.

Don’t get me started on Christmas shopping on Amazon and having it all shipped to your house, it is amazing!!

2 day free shipping is really amazing, you will be surprised how much you actually use amazon vs other stores once you have a prime membership.


2. free video streaming on amazon



What???? You get free streaming on Amazon? YES!! This has been amazing for us! When we first discovered we could stream shows from amazon we didn’t touch our satellite for awhile!  In fact, we have cut the cord now and stick to streaming from Amazon and Netflix. My kids don’t even miss satellite. (This will be a topic for another day)


One of my favorite features with the video streaming is you can download the show or movie you want to watch onto your device and watch it later without having to eat up your data.


This is so nice for me.  Any time that I need to go to the doctors office or somewhere that I need the children to be quiet,  I load up our Fire Tablet with shows from Amazon Streaming.


There are some really great kid programs on there such as Wishandpoof, Wild Kratts, and SpongeBob Square Pants!


They also carry a lot of the Masterpiece collection, which I LOVE!! I have to revisit Downton Abby a couple times a year.


3. on demand music and streaming




Another game changer for me was when I discovered the music streaming. I didn’t discover this until after the video streaming and I got to say, I use this feature every day in the car!


If you are familiar with Pandora, Amazon also has music stations you can choose from and stream. However, there are NOOOO COMMERCIALS! I love this, there is nothing worse than jamming to your favorite songs to then be interrupted by an annoying commercial!


Not only can you stream music, but you can find albums from artists and just listen to the album.  This is what I use the most. I look for my favorite artist or band and then I download the songs to my amazon music app. I also create playlists inside my app. I have a playlist for my children and then a playlist for myself when I’m driving in the car.


The best part of this feature is you can DOWNLOAD the music to your phone and then put it in offline mode.  You can listen to music and NOT EAT UP YOUR DATA!


This is so great for your daily commutes or long trips to have commercial free music.  Now this is for your playlist, to stream radio stations you will need to use data or wifi.


I have my amazon music app loaded with tons of music that could last for hours. I can’t tell you the last time I listened to the actual radio in my car.  I just plug in my bluetooth and play my amazon music. It’s so nice!  (This is what I use in my car to sync my phone up to my car speakers) I don’t know what I would do now without it!


4. unlimited photo storage


I just started using this feature. Unfortunately I only have a 16gb phone. Needless to say, it fills up rather quickly and I am always running out of space and can’t take any pictures. It’s so frustrating. My husband reminded me that we have unlimited photo storage with our prime account. So I downloaded the Amazon Prime photo app and synced my photos to it.


Now what I do it open up the app every day so all the photos from my phone can sync to it. Then, once I know the images are over on amazon, I delete my pictures off my phone and have more space. I can then manage my photos on Amazon to place them onto my computer.


It is so nice. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that are always running out of space on your phone at the wrong time, but guess what! Now you don’t have to!!


my favorite 4

So these 4 features of Amazon Prime are absolutely why you need this program. It will make your life easier in the end. And if you think about it, $99 for the whole year to get all of this is a sweet deal! It is not just free shipping!!


Also there are some other features Amazon Prime members can get that I didn’t go over, but I also use. These just happened to be my absolute top favorite!!



what else do they offer?


5. books and magazines!



Prime reading gives you access to thousands of books and magazines. If you are a big reader, this is a big plus!


6.  prime rewards


This isn’t necessarily a BENEFIT until you sign up for an Amazon Prime credit card. My husband and I make all of our purchases on credit cards and then pay them off each month. This is for security/safety as well as to accumulate cash back points. We have been doing this for years. One year we bought our entire Christmas on cash back points!


If you like cash back and you like to shop on Amazon then this is a great perk for you! With the Amazon Prime Visa you get 5% back when you shop on Amazon.com then 2% back for all other purchases.


We use Amazon so much that this works in our benefit!


7. early access to amazon lightning deals


Amazon will do these lightning sales where you can find some great deals. Amazon prime members get to view and purchase these deals FIRST before opening to the general public.


8. Twitch prime


This is something that I don’t know much about since I am not a gamer and neither is my husband. I will just include it to let you know that it is an available feature for amazon prime users. If you are a prime holder you get a twitch prime (which is a gamer thing) discount. Again, I don’t know much about this at all!




Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Do you love it?


You can get Amazon Prime for $99 for the year or $10.99/mo. If you are a new user you can get a 30 day free trial! Click here for me details!


Also, if you are a college student you can get Amazon Prime for $5.49/mo!! Sweet deal AND you get half a year for free and then pay the $5.49/mo. If you are a student and are interested in the 6 month free trial, click here!


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