A Simple and Free Baby Proofing Tip….And You Have Everything You Need!!


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A simple baby proof tip….you have everything you need!



Today’s blog will be short and brief,  but I was thinking of something that’s so important; baby safety and baby proofing your home!


When you have a baby, one of the first things the pediatrician will ask you is if your house is baby proof!

(Duh my kid was just born… he can’t walk or crawl!!! We’ve all thought that!)  

If you’re like me, you have all the outlet covers on, dangerous things out of reach,  but what about your doors?

Doors are something we rarely think about baby proofing but can cause some SERIOUS injury to a little ones fingers!


baby proof

One day our middle child was toddling around the bathroom door when my husband said, “we really need to get something to protect the kids from getting their fingers hurt in the door!”


Up until that point, I had never heard or thought of baby proofing doors. My husband then told me of his close friend whose child slammed their fingers in the door and seriously injured them.


It really freaked me out and set me on a mission to find a solution!

We’ve all heard of using the pool noodle technique where you cut the noodle and place it on top of the door. But at the time it was winter, where could we buy pool noodles without ordering them?


So while we were having this conversation we were getting dressed and there were hangers on our counter.


I grabbed a plastic hanger and placed it over the top corner of our bathroom door and eureka it worked. We immediately got hangers and put them on all our doors.


What we like about it…

baby proof

THERE WAS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY…we all have hangers laying around







I am so glad we discovered this!! Number one, I didn’t want to order any pool noodles or any type of product for my doors.


I’m cheap and I don’t want to spend money when I don’t need to!


Now when friends come over they think we are crazy with all the hangers on the doors. Or they wonder why they can’t shut the bathroom door! We have to go through the explanation and they all agree it is a fantastic cheap way to baby proof the doors!

This is the style hanger I have around the house. I am unsure if any other type of hangers will work, but I know this one will for sure! Do you have any baby proofing tips for us to try? I’ll leave one quick one and that’s RUBBER BANDS!

Game changer for my kitchen cabinets! 

Let me know if you’ve tried this before or what things you have tried! Dont forget to subscribe to get more cool tips and tricks!




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