The Simplest DIY Baby Wearing Halloween Costume!

halloween costume

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Today I want to talk about Halloween and costumes!!! We are just entering fall and my kids are all about picking out their costumes, looking for pumpkins, and fall festivals!


Are your kids like mine and start planning for Halloween in July? Kids LOVE costumes and I’m glad they do, but I do not want to think about Halloween in July. I seriously didn’t want to think about costumes and fall. I’m a summer girl all the way and I was getting sad that fall was on our heels and we would no longer be able to swim.


Moment of truth, I have never been big on Halloween and it wasn’t until recently that I started enjoying it. Children bring out the best in you and they definitely brought it out in me. Now I’m all about dressing up and find costumes. BRING ON the fall festivals, fairs, costume parties, desserts, and holidays!!


Now not only do my children love to dress up for Halloween, but my kids LOVE for me to dress up for halloween. Unfortunately, I’m CHEAP and I don’t have time to go out and spend money on a costume I’m going to wear only ONCE.


I am THAT CHEAP. Now I’ll go out and spend  $5, but no more. So the last few years I have thrown on a super hero cape and became “SUPER MOM”. (Lame I know, but the kids LOVED it!)


my best halloween costume to date….


Lets rewind to 2 years ago. Everyone had a costume except me and that was ok, I didn’t really want to dress up, however, my children decided that I HAD to dress up.  This was not what I had planned.  I wanted to keep it cheap, easy, and cute and then the idea hit me, BABY WEARING COSTUMES.


I hit up Pinterest looking and searching for costume ideas I could use. And while Pinterest didn’t disappoint, I just couldn’t find something simple enough for me to do.

Let’s face it, when your children are small you have very little time for any crafting. I had to keep it as SIMPLE as possible.

Fortunately the idea hit me, I was going to be a farmer and I was going to use my baby as part of the costume.


How i made my costume

Before my youngest was born, I went to a free clothing exchange at a local church. You bring clothes and then exchange them for clothes. (It’s a pretty sweet deal and I ended up with some great things.) One of the things I ended up with was a baby peas halloween costume.


Baby Costume

(You know that extremely common baby costume everyone dresses their baby as…)


My baby would be peas; it was a fact. So I decided I would combine peas and farming and WHAMMOOO a free costume.


here’s what i did


My baby was only 2 months and change old so I was still carrying him in the moby wrap. Putting your baby in a front carry position is key to this costume!


(Note: This is not me in the video as I no longer have a baby to demonstrate, but this is very similiar to how I wrapped my child. I also only had my baby in this position for 30 mins at a time since friends wanted to hold him. 🙂 )


So here’s what I did, I dressed as a farmer, put on jeans, and a blue jean jacket.  Next, I placed a red bandana around my neck then added boots. There you go, instant farmer!


After I was in costume, I put on my moby wrap and then put my baby into the wrap. I then got his pea costume and put the costume on him (ignoring putting his feet in, there was no need to).


Once he was in his costume, I got a basket and slid under his feet area. He was my official bushel of peas!


DIY Baby Wearing Costume


Let me tell you this costume was an ABSOLUTE HIT! It was easy, the baby was comfortable and the best part of it all, IT WAS FREE!


how can i do this free or extremely cheap?

Now you’re probably thinking, “Alissa, you got your costume for free, there’s no way I’m going out and spending $15 on a pea costume”

baby wearing costume

I know you’re pain. Like I said, I’m cheap! There’s a few things YOU CAN DO!


Get on facebook and follow these yard sale sites for your area. People are ALWAYS selling cheap costumes. Search out on the site for peas or do an “in search of post”  and see if anyone has a pea costume that you can buy.


I literally buy ALL our costumes on facebook. (For this year, I’ve only spent $15 on my kids costume….yes, I spent $5 each!)


If you don’t mind spending the money, you can find a costume here.


Some other ideas you could do is dress your baby in green and put a green beanie on his/her head with a vine coming off. Maybe get creative with felt! The ideas are endless.


what am i going for this year?

I sure miss my baby wearing days. These days my 2 year old hardly wants to be held. He is just too busy. I remember having him tightly wrapped against me and feeling his warmth on me! Those were the days and now they are just wonderful memories.


If you don’t baby wear, I encourage you to give it a try and try wearing your baby as a Halloween Costume.

This year, my husband and I are going as Waldo and Wenda from “Where’s Waldo.” I can’t wait to share pictures! And you better believe I got my costume next to nothing!! 🙂


Halloween costume


My children are going as super hero’s. I will have Iron man, Super Girl, and Batman with me this year! It’s going to be great fun.


Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re going to be for Halloween and if you have ever done a baby wearing costume?


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