DIY Breakfast Freezer Sandwiches

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DIY Breakfast Freezer Sandwiches



At my house, mornings are hectic! I have three children to get dressed, fed, and to school. I also help my husband get out the door in the mornings. Needless to say most mornings I feel quite overwhelmed.


The other day it hit me, why not try and make your mornings less hectic! I began to think of ways that could help my mornings when I realized it was breakfast that threw a hiccup in my day.


My two youngest will eat cereal (EASY!) but my oldest and my husband are not down with cereal in the morning. I usually find myself pouring cereal, then making a couple of breakfast sandwiches, making my husbands lunch, and finally making my son’s school lunch all while shouting commands. “GET DRESSED!” “EAT YOUR BREAKFAST” “WE HAVE TO GO!!!!!”


To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. That’s when I decided to try my hand at breakfast freezer sandwiches.



what are breakfast freezer sandwiches?




As I have been scrolling through Pinterest I have seen pins on freezer breakfast sandwiches but I had never read them or even tried them, but I was determined to try my hand at them and to do them as cheap as possible.


So what exactly is a breakfast freezer sandwich? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A sandwich that you reach into the freezer, heat up, eat, and go!! Something that’s fast and easy! I also like the fact that I know the ingredients and that they are affordable!


On my last grocery shopping trip I bought all the ingredients for my sandwiches and I must say, they turned out great!! They came out to be just around.50 a sandwich. You can’t even buy a sandwich that cheap at McDonalds! And these are WAY better than any McDonalds breakfast sandwich.




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DIY Seasoning Mix Packets for Spaghetti!

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DIY Seasoning mix for spaghetti


I grew up eating lots of spaghetti, chili, and tacos and in fact, they are some of the first foods I learned to cook. They were super simple and I could do it all by myself.

One common factor my mother used in each one of her recipes were seasoning packets. These seasoning packets are the ones you get at the store that cost between .33- $1.  You know the type where you follow the directions on the back and you have dinner in no time!

I have many childhood memories that circle around these dishes! When I became a mom, I wanted to introduce these dishes to my children. There was just one problem. A lot of these packets are so full of fillers, sodium, and even MSG! YIKES!!

I didn’t want to feed my family this mess so I knew there had to be a better way!


Make your own packets

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A Simple and Free Baby Proofing Tip….And You Have Everything You Need!!


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A simple baby proof tip….you have everything you need!



Today’s blog will be short and brief,  but I was thinking of something that’s so important; baby safety and baby proofing your home!


When you have a baby, one of the first things the pediatrician will ask you is if your house is baby proof!

(Duh my kid was just born… he can’t walk or crawl!!! We’ve all thought that!)  

If you’re like me, you have all the outlet covers on, dangerous things out of reach,  but what about your doors?

Doors are something we rarely think about baby proofing but can cause some SERIOUS injury to a little ones fingers!


baby proof

One day our middle child was toddling around the bathroom door when my husband said, “we really need to get something to protect the kids from getting their fingers hurt in the door!”


Up until that point, I had never heard or thought of baby proofing doors. My husband then told me of his close friend whose child slammed their fingers in the door and seriously injured them.


It really freaked me out and set me on a mission to find a solution!

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The Simplest DIY Baby Wearing Halloween Costume!

halloween costume

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Today I want to talk about Halloween and costumes!!! We are just entering fall and my kids are all about picking out their costumes, looking for pumpkins, and fall festivals!


Are your kids like mine and start planning for Halloween in July? Kids LOVE costumes and I’m glad they do, but I do not want to think about Halloween in July. I seriously didn’t want to think about costumes and fall. I’m a summer girl all the way and I was getting sad that fall was on our heels and we would no longer be able to swim.


Moment of truth, I have never been big on Halloween and it wasn’t until recently that I started enjoying it. Children bring out the best in you and they definitely brought it out in me. Now I’m all about dressing up and find costumes. BRING ON the fall festivals, fairs, costume parties, desserts, and holidays!!


Now not only do my children love to dress up for Halloween, but my kids LOVE for me to dress up for halloween. Unfortunately, I’m CHEAP and I don’t have time to go out and spend money on a costume I’m going to wear only ONCE.


I am THAT CHEAP. Now I’ll go out and spend  $5, but no more. So the last few years I have thrown on a super hero cape and became “SUPER MOM”. (Lame I know, but the kids LOVED it!)


my best halloween costume to date….


Lets rewind to 2 years ago. Everyone had a costume except me and that was ok, I didn’t really want to dress up, however, my children decided that I HAD to dress up.  This was not what I had planned.  I wanted to keep it cheap, easy, and cute and then the idea hit me, BABY WEARING COSTUMES.


I hit up Pinterest looking and searching for costume ideas I could use. And while Pinterest didn’t disappoint, I just couldn’t find something simple enough for me to do.

Let’s face it, when your children are small you have very little time for any crafting. I had to keep it as SIMPLE as possible.

Fortunately the idea hit me, I was going to be a farmer and I was going to use my baby as part of the costume.


How i made my costume

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