How to Curl Your Hair!

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How to Curl Your Hair!!!


The last few years I have been on some what of a search on how to curl my hair! You see, I have very thick hair, so curling can take me some time.

I love the look of curls and lately curls or beach waves have really been in, but I have been really unsuccessful at achieving the curly look!

what i have Tried


On my search for curly locks, I bought a set of rollers like these.

These rollers are great if you are trying to achieve the poodle look. However, I have seen quite a few youtube videos where girls have been quite successful at achieving the look I’m looking for. But for me, all I achieved was even bigger, thicker hair. NO THANK YOU!!


My sister in law told me about the In Styler and how she was able to create straight beautiful hair and curls. I was intrigued so I shelled out the money for it and guess what, IT WAS HORRIBLE ON MY HAIR!!!! It made my hair so frizzy it was ridiculous. Now if you have thin, shinny hair, then you may have success, but for me my hair just got big and frizzy.


One day I saw a commercial for the Conair curl secret  . It looked amazing!! This device basically sucks your hair into, beeps, and then triple beeps to let you know your curl is ready and viola a perfect curl!!


Now don’t get me wrong, this device works!! It really gave me a great curl, but I just could not get my hair styled right after curling my hair. My curl secret has been sitting in my cabinet collecting dust. I need to sell it!!


the golden product



After so many searches, I decided to give up and rock my straightened hair EVERY DAY. It was getting old and I could tell my hair wasn’t loving the straightening iron every single day.


One day, I was watching some youtube videos when I heard about the Bed Head Beach Wave Curler. I was so intrigued. This thing was basically a crimper, but I was so ready to give it a try to see if it would actually give me the results I was looking for.


Let me tell you, IT DID!! This thing is AMAZING!! I can not rave enough about this product.


The first time I did my hair, it came out perfect!! In fact, the curls lasted not only all day, but into the next day and the next!! Talk about amazing!


how does it work?


Let me start off by saying this thing gets extremely hot. I believe it gets to be around 400 degrees, so please be careful when using it! The heat is adjustable, but I find that my hair does the best on the hottest level.


First off, start with dry hair. I like to get my hair teased or pinned back in the position I want to wear my hair BEFORE curling it.



I’m all teased and pinned back and ready to go!


Next, take a small section of your hair and begin the curling process.



A small section like this will give you the best results.


Leave the curler in your hair like this for 8-10 seconds, release and move down towards the end of your hair.  For the length of my hair, it takes about 3 crimps per strand.

Repeat this process all over your head and viola beach waves!



This is seriously the easiest way (for me) to get light weight curls. This whole process takes me around 10 mins.


what my friends say



Since discovering the beach wave curler, I’ve been fixing my hair like this every day!! My friends LOVE the look but they wanted to know what I had been doing to achieve it!


I let my secret out of the bag and one of my friends out went out and immediately bought one on amazon! Lucky for her, Amazon dropped the price to $14.98.


Once her curler came in, she started doing her hair like this and the chain began. Everyone asked her how she achieved the look and where she got the curler and before she knew it, 7 of her friends had purchased one!


I’m telling you, this thing is AMAZING!! But don’t take my word, check it out!! If you do decide to get one, please use one of my affiliate links to purchase it. I’ll make a small commission at NO COST to you. This will help keep this blog up and running.


Have you ever used the beach wave curler? Do you have any styling tips?  Leave me a comment below!!



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