What the PUPPP??? How to help get rid of PUPPPS


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how to get rid of puppps

Something I wanted to talk about today is something that almost took me completely out. PUPPPS

When I found out I was pregnant with our third child, I was so excited!

I was already a mom of two, I already had a boy and a girl, so I felt extremely prepared.

I didn’t have to worry about buying clothes or baby accessories, I was ready.


However, with that said, I AM LITERALLY THE WORST PREGNANT PERSON IN THE WORLD. Ok, maybe not in the world, but I’m pretty close to it. (Just ask my husband) Little did I know PUPPPS was going to rock our world!


It’s like the moment I pee on a pregnancy test, the miserable nausea and fatigue kick in.

I was certain that with this third pregnancy, things would be different.

I would finally have my dream pregnancy, but that’s not exactly what happened!


The start of misery…moments before puppps


Now lets take a trip back to 2014, I found out I was pregnant right before the holidays started. And of course, that’s when the nausea started to take place, right around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was so miserable. I could hardly eat, I could hardly drink , I was beyond miserable.


To make matters even worse, I came down with a terrible flu like cold. I was so sick. I couldn’t even enjoy Christmas dinner.

So once Christmas passed, I called my doctor and told my doctor that I couldn’t eat or drink and I had extreme nausea. I told my doctor that I had been sick previously.

Here I’m thinking I’m about to get some nausea medicine when he says, “ Oh well this nausea is coming from you being sick, just rest and try to eat and drink.” UGGGGGG, really???


Can we say disappointed? I went almost another week in this same condition when I woke up one morning after the new year throwing my guts up.

Drinking or brushing my teeth would result in me throwing up. ( I know some of you mama’s know exactly what I’m talking about!)  Of course, I was scheduled to be at work that day, so I called in sick and then I called my husband (who was already at work) He told me to call my doctor. I called my doctor and they had me come in.


Long story short, I was so dehydrated that I had to go to the hospital and get pumped full of fluids. I definitely DO NOT recommend dehydration, it’s terrible!



Finally the nausea began to lift and I began feeling like a semi normal person again.


One day, my elbow began to itch, I started scratching it and I noticed tiny bumps on my arm.

It was kind of alarming to me because I NEVER have any rashes or any skin problems at all. Almost immediately I remember thinking, “this has to be pregnancy related” but I kept quiet and didn’t mention it to anyone.

Another week goes by and I’m still itching and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better! So I show my husband and he  immediately suggests calling the doctor ( I hate calling the doctor!).

When I called and finally got an appointment, the doctor tried to convince me it was just from using a different detergent. However, I had been using the same detergent for YEARS. I knew this was not cause from any detergent.


I went home and instead of getting better, I start getting worse. Now, every time I shower, under my breasts are turning red and the rash is spreading down my arms, down my belly. It’s still mild, but it’s really starting to get painful. So I visit doctor google and learn that there is INDEED a rash that affects a few pregnant women (1% to be exact).

This rash is called PUPPPS or Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy.

how to get rid of puppps

So back to the doctor I go, and by this point I’m covered in a rash.


At first the doctor is trying to blame deteregent (AGAIN) but then my husband spoke up and said “So you have absolutely no idea what this is?” and at that moment he finally said, “Oh yea, this is PUPPPS, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it but have the baby.”

He prescribed me some allergy pills (that did nothing) and sent me on my way.


Let me just say that after that the rash got WORSE! I was literally living in hell!!

The sun killed me , the water killed me, I felt so itchy. It was an incurable itch.

When I scratched, I felt two seconds of relief and then back to itching and burning.


People would look at me and sympathize saying “Oh, I’ve had eczema…shingles…(insert skin condition here) I know how itchy you’re feeling.”

 But i’m telling you, they do not. I literally wanted to die I was in so much pain.

The itching gets worse at night, I couldn’t sleep, wear clothes, nothing!

My best friend was ice packs, the ice packs helped soothe the itch for a little while so I could get some sleep.





When I was diagnosed with PUPPPS I was 23 weeks pregnant. I still had a ways to go before delivery.

My dear husband spent so much money at Walgreens looking for me any type of cream that could possibly help me but nothing seemed to help.

One day in desperation, I took to the internet to look for some help. Unfortunately, there was not much information out there at the time and this is one of the reasons I have decided to write about PUPPPS, to maybe help the pregnant lady that is at her witts end.

I feel you, I know what you’re going through, and I’m here for you!


So lets look at what I tried.


Allergy pills- Yea they didn’t work for me, but you may success?

Benadryl – again, no success at all

Calamine lotion- No success

Oatmeal baths- No effect, water was always painful for me

Desitin – It may sound crazy, but some people actually have relief from using desitin on their rashes, but I did not.

Aquifer- while aquifer didnt provide relief, it did help take some redness off.




After trying everything, I decided to look into more natural treatments and after doing this, I actually started seeing some results.

After researching online, I learned that rashes originate in the liver and that doing liver cleanses can help reduce the appearances of rashes. What did I have to lose? To get potential relief, I decided to dive right in!


My husband asked what I wanted to do? I decided on going EXTREME and becoming a VEGAN and begin to juice as well as eliminate meats.


how to get rid of puppps


I recommend this juicer. I’ve had my Hamilton Beach juicer for over 20 years….no kidding! It was my grandma’s and when she passed in 2009 I took it over and it’s still been running fine since. 


I began juicing 2-3 times a day. My juice included apples, carrots, cucumbers, celery, and a wheat grass mixture that I would add to my juice. This juicing was KEY on my cleanse.


I also read that V8 juice was very helpful. After picking some v8 up, I had about an 8 oz glass about 3 times daily.


I also bought dandelion root capsules and took 2-3 capsules twice daily as well as bee complex.


Doing this combination alone, I started seeing fading of my rashes within a week.

I had read on the internet about Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap .

how to get rid of puppps

I tried it and I really didn’t find that it worked for me, but I saw a lot of women that had PUPPPS had great results.

For me, it only made me smell like a camp fire. However, my husband had some dry skin and it worked wonders on!

why all the information?


I wanted to take the time to write and let you know EVERYTHING I bought a tried. There are very few articles out there that can help women with this issue. Some women think they ahve to suffer, but you do not! Please try alternative options like this. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I decided to research rashes.


Please note, I am NOT a medical professional. I am not a doctor, but this is something that helped ME. I know there is not a lot of information out there and I just want to help women who are suffering to find some relief.


If you are suffering from PUPPPS, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. But I also want you to know that I am here for you!


You are not alone. I understand the feeling of isolation and the feeling that NO ONE can help you or understands what you are going through. It’s not just a hideous rash that covers your body, it’s painful, it takes away the enjoyment of growing your child.


If you have any questions about anything I’ve written, please contact me and let me know! Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve heard of PUPPPS or have known anyone that has suffered through this mysterious rash. Have you yourself suffered from PUPPPS?


How to get rid of PUPPPS

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