How to Keep Your Phone Dry While At the Pool!

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phone dry

A few years ago, my husband was having such a hard time reaching me on my phone.

He would call and I wouldn’t answer which would lead to 5 million text messages or a few missed Voxers (It’s a walkie talkie app, check it out!).

When I would finally get to my messages, my husband would be in a semi panic because he couldn’t reach me. He would always stress how I need to be by my phone or have it on me in case of an emergency.


Now I have 3 little ones, so my phone is usually the last thing on my mind! But I know he was right! (He always is…. bonus wife points!!)


THE BEST phone case ever…

So Christmas rolled around and it was time for us to exchange gifts. He presented one gift to me and told me it was kind of a joke. When I opened it I saw a Joto Water Proof Carrying Case. My husband said ,”well I couldn’t find a necklace to hold your cellphone but this will do so you will keep your phone on you at all times.”  I got to say I loved this gift!

phone dry



Fast forward a few months and we are now into the summer months.

We have a pool and I love taking the kids outside every day but I don’t like not having a phone!! It dawned on me that my joto was waterproof and voila GAME CHANGER!


I pushed my phone into the case, brought it out to the pool and you know what… it worked!!!


I bravely sank my phone in the water and it did not leak once! In fact I got so adventurous that I started taking photos and videos under water. Our kids LOVED it! (In fact, I have to remind them my phone is for emergencies and not to play with in the pool)




  1. You can wear it around your neck
  2. Your buttons are totally functional while inside the joto
  3. Your phone stays dry
  4. You can take picture UNDERWATER


My husband got my joto on amazon, you can find it here.


I’ve also seen some similar at Walmart but I can’t vouch for those as I’ve never used them before!


Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to keep your phone dry!



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