The Number 1 Way Not to Dread Your Period…

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menstrual cup

I no longer dread my period!!! why? Two words…

Menstrual cup. Sorry guys TMI!


Since I started my cycle, I have dreaded it each month! I mean what girl hasn’t!??

Pads are miserable, dirty, and hot during the summer (and all the time) and well, tampons aren’t that better!

Plus on top of it all, my skin is extra sensitive to tampons and pads which makes for a miserable few days!


When I got pregnant with my first child, it was so nice not having a cycle! I loved going month to month without worrying about when that time of month was!


Then to make things BETTER, while nursing my son, I didn’t have a cycle!! So no cycle for almost 2 years!!!!


Repeat this process two more times with two more kids and now we come to present time!


A year ago I finished nursing my son and sure enough, the next month my cycle came back! Talk about a downer! I quickly googled alternatives to tampons/pads and that’s when I discovered the menstrual cup!   

menstrual cup

I went to amazon and read the reviews and was quickly hooked! I ordered mine for around $32. I was so excited about it that I couldn’t wait for my next cycle. (Weird I know!)


The menstrual cup I went with was the the Diva Cup . The reason I went with this cup was basically because of the reviews! They all sold me!

was it everything you expected?


The next month when Aunt Flo arrived, I decided to give the DivaCup a try.

Now let me just say the first few times you use the cup, it will take some adjustment but once you get it down, you will wish you knew about this thing sooner!


I would give yourself at least two months before you throw in the towel, but believe me, once you get this, you will LOVE IT!


I’m now almost a year into using the DivaCup and I must say my life is so much better. I can workout, swim, chase kids, etc without having any worry of leaking . I mean there are times I even forget I’m using one! It is seriously amazing!


how i handle it


For me, my first day or two of my cycle is a heavy flow so I have to empty the cup 2-3 times.

I remember when I was first reading about the cup I was amazed that women were leaving in their cups for 12 hours!

But yea, if you have a heavy period, you can’t do that! However, you will be able to tell when it is time to change your cup.

You can almost feel it trying to release suction…..if you feel that RUN TO THE BATHROOM and empty the cup.

Now since I’ve been using it for awhile, I try not to let it get to that point. I will check every 2-3 hours the first day or two (like you would a tampon…I could probably go longer but I just check since I’m heavy the first day).

Once I’m 2 or more days in, I can totally leave the cup in for 12 hours and even longer!



so you’re telling me this is cleaner to use???


Yes!! It’s very sanitary. It’s not as messy as it seems and clean up is a breeze as you just wash with soap and water. There’s also a special cleaning solution you can buy to go along with it. You can check it out here.


is it one size fits all?


The one thing about the Diva Cup is it is not one size fits all. There are two sizes. One for pre-child birth and one for after child birth. I believe the after child birth is also for if you are over the age of 30! So keep that in mind before making your purchase. I obviously went with the size 2 (after child birth) cup. It’s been amazing!


what are you waiting on?


If you’re on the fence about trying a menstrual cup, I say GO FOR IT! They are amazing and have completely changed my life. Not only that, I am SAVING money! I no longer have to shell out money for pads or tampons.

Like I said early, don’t go through one cycle and then decide it’s not for you, please don’t give up! Just give it another try! It really took me a good 1-3 cycles before I had the rhythm down.  

While it’s similar to inserting like a tampon, the positioning is DIFFERENT. So keep that in mind!!


Here is Diva Cups tutorial video, just to give you an idea of how it goes.

menstraul cup


Let me know if you have used the DivaCup? Do you have any tips for women considering one? Let us know in the comments below and if you like the tips I’ve been bringing, don’t forget to subscribe!





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