How to Start a Blog for Beginners!


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Today’s topic is a popular topic. How to start a blog!


These days it’s a lot easier than it use to be. Back in the day, before I knew about or we would make our own webpages where we would write about our day, life, or whatever was going on in our teenage minds. We would use websites like tripod or angelfire (Do those sites exist today??).


Then enter social media.

You had,, and The world of communicating had forever been changed. In my mind blogging was obsolete.


In 2010, my husband and I attended a blogging conference on how to make money blogging and it was definitely a thought provoking thing. I was unaware that you could actually make money with a  blog!


I decided to give it go; however, at the time, I was having a hard time getting started, learning the ropes, plus I was very pregnant with our first child. Needless to say, I was less than motivated to continue on!!


blogging has always been on my mind


As the years passed, blogging has always been on my mind. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, have kind of done, but I was really ready to tackle it!


This time around I was determined to do it the right way. I had done my research and I knew exactly how I wanted to get started.


I know there are a lot of you out there that are like me and want to start a blog but don’t know where to get it started. So I’m going to do my best to lay it out step by step in easy and simple terms to get you started.


The first few days of having a blog is completely overwhelming so with these steps it should relieve a lot of the pressure.


Lets get started!



You need to find a host and register a domain. There are a few places you can do that at, but I like Bluehost the best because not only do you find a place  to host but you also get a free domain so it’s like a two in one deal! You’ll have a host and your domain will be registered.

Something that I really like about Bluehost is the 24/7 communication you have with them.

At the start up of my blog I was constantly contacting the help chat with questions. In a matter of minutes they would help me and also fix the problem I was having. I have nothing but good things to say about their live chat communication!


Step 1:


Go to


Once here you want to choose the package that is right for you. Now this step is simply up to you, but I would go with the basic package. You really will not need much more than what this package offers for a first time blog.


Click on select.


The next step is to select your domain. The domain is what your website will be. For example; my domain is



The next step is to create your account. Fill in all the details that it asks for and then submit your payment information.




Now you’ll notice that the $3.95 price is for 36 months. There are also a few things that Bluehost will have checked that you do not need checked.



Uncheck site backup pro and sitelock security. I leave the Domain Privacy Protection. If you would like, you can uncheck that, but for me, it’s important that I keep my privacy so I pay the extra .99 a month to have that.


It’s important to note here that you have 30 days to check out Bluehost to see if you like and want to continue with it. If you find at the end of the trial it’s not to your liking, you can get a full refund.


Also say you have had a blog for 1.5 years and you are tired and done blogging, you can get the money back for the months not used.


Step 2:


Press submit and CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a proud owner of a brand new blog!



There are many tutorials online that will say the next step is to install wordpress, but the great thing about bluehost is that they take care of all of that for you now.



You will next be sent to a screen to set up your WordPress site. This is where you will select a theme.




Now wordpress offers many free themes as well as paid themes. I started off with a rocking free theme and will eventually transition over to a paid theme, but for now, a free theme should do you just fine! It works great for me!


Select your theme


Step 3:


Once you’ve selected your theme, the next screen you will see will say “Welcome to WordPress, what type of site will you be creating?”


Select business. Now, I say select business because if you are like me, you are in the blogging business as a means of income, if you just plan to blog for fun with no income possibility you can select personal.


Step 4:


After you select business you will be taken to a screen that’s known as the dashboard, this is where you start building your blog. I know this may look overwhelming, but believe me, once you get use to the layout you will notice this is very user friendly!




Step 5:


I want to touch on themes again, if you want to change your theme to any free or even paid WordPress themes, to do this look on the left side of the screen towards the bottom, click APPEARANCE and then THEMES.


Once here you can go through a number of free themes. I actually did this a few times. I chose a theme that I liked and after I had a couple of blog posts posted and viewed them, I noticed I didn’t like them as much, so I changed them a few times. It’s so easy to pick and choose, it’s very user friendly.


***Note, at this time you will have no content so it will look empty which is why I suggest write a blog and then preview it. ***


Step 6:


Make Pages and Posts!


This is the final step! Now I want to point out the difference between posts and pages. Pages are what your menus at the top of your webpage will look like. For example my pages are Subscribe, Contact me, Disclaimer, and Freebies.

Your posts will be your actual blog posts.


And remember, if you EVER get stuck, Bluehost will be there to help you! Bluehost live chat is so amazing, they will be able to help you out every step of the way!






Congratulations, you have officially made a blog. Now the next few steps are to write great content, drive traffic, and monetize your blog!!


If you’re still on the fence about writing a blog, I really suggest you check out my short blog on 5 things you should do BEFORE starting your blog!


Blogging has been challenging but also very fun. It’s been a creative outlet for me and I’ve really been trying to use my blog to help my family with a second income.


Please leave any comments below and let me know how you feel about blogging. Have you started a blog? Do you have any tips for anyone that’s looking to start a blog? Don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming freebies and blogs!


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