My Top Christmas Gifts

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My Top christmas gifts for kids


It’s that time of year again, Christmas time!! I don’t know about you, but 2017 has FLOWN by! Can you believe we are at another Christmas?


I love the Christmas season and what it brings, but one thing is for sure it can get stressing trying to figure out what to buy my children for the holidays.


Now my daughter is simple. She LOVES princesses, Barbies, and ponies, but my oldest son, is so hard to buy for.


You see my son is 6 years old and while he loves to play, his attention isn’t held by toys. He loves to draw, crafts, ride bikes, and build things. He is very hands on so his attention isn’t held with most toys but rather with things that will keep him engaged for awhile.


My two year old is simple. If it looks or sounds like a truck, he is good!


For the last few weeks I have been thinking of things that would make my children happy.


do i give in to hype toys?


Lucky for me, my children are not into “hype” toys. They do not desire the latest and hottest thing.


When I saw the Fingerling Monkey toy (or whatever it’s called) online, I called my kids over and showed it to them asking if they liked it. All 3 said no!! Sweet!!


I don’t want my children growing up wanting something just because everyone else has one. I want them to develop their own likes and know what they like and want.


My Top Christmas Toys

This brings me to my Christmas toy search. I have searched Amazon and looked in stores and have found some practical toys that my children are going to love!


Here we go, my top Christmas Toys for this year!!


  1. Shark Bite


My son actually saw this on tv and did ask for it and it looked too cute not to pass up.  The Shark basically lays flat with the mouth open. Inside the mouth are fish. You have to grab all the fish out of the mouth before the shark jumps up and bites. I think all of my children will enjoy this game in the end.  There’s a preview video here on how this game works.


2. Disney Princess Royal Dreams Castle




My daughter is absolutely princess and Barbie obsessed so this year she asked for a doll house for her Barbies. I have been looking for a descent Barbie doll house, but was disappointed to learn a great doll house was around $150-200. That’s completely out of my price range.  Luckily, I found this gem. Not only is it a doll house, but it’s a Disney princess doll house  that didn’t breatk the bank!  I absolutely can’t wait to see what my princess’ face will look like when she opens it!


3.  Hot Potato




A few weeks ago, my children were bored. I decided to teach them a new game. Hot Potato. They LOVED it! In fact, they ask to play it all the time. Now how we play it was take a ball, set my phone timer for a minute and when the timer goes off, whoever has the ball was out. It is great fun, but sometimes Mama needs her phone rather than it being used for games. I ran across this on Amazon after wondering if they made a hot potato game and sure enough, they do!! Score!


4.  Moana Necklace



Now my daughter asked for a Moana costume and a Moana necklace. She is getting the Moana costume but I couldn’t find the necklace in store. Luckily for Amazon, they sale this gem! This Moana necklace not only opens up to reveal the heart of te fiti, but it GLOWS! My daughter will be on CLOUD 9!


5.  Jenga




My kids have recently discovered Jenga blocks from e-kids at church and from our local Life and Science museum. They LOVE them. In fact, they didn’t realize that they were a game. They thought that they were building blocks. When they told me about Jenga, I immediately knew that this would be one of their Christmas presents. The price also made me smile!


6.  Electric Scooter


My oldest son will be getting this electric scooter for Christmas. My son recently learned how to ride a two wheeled bike and a two wheel scooter. When I saw this on sale for Black Friday, I knew I had to get it for him for Christmas. I know he will be surprised and happy to start driving this around the driveway!


7.  Helmet


Since my son has out grown his bike helmet, he will get this exact helmet. It will also be handy to have for the new electric scooter!


8. Moana Doll


My daughter is going to FLIP! She is getting this exact Moana doll. This doll can swim in the water. I know my daughter will not only enjoy playing with her in the bath tub or pool, but she will enjoy playing with her with her new doll house.


9. Mermaid pillows

Have you seen these? My kids are OBSESSED with these. Every time we are in Kohl’s or Walmart, they need to touch these and play with them. They BEG for them.  Hopefully at Christmas they will be excited to see that they finally have their own mermaid pillow!


10.  Lego Duplos



My mom is getting my youngest a Duplos set, but he is obsessed with tractors. When I saw this Duplos set and the price, I knew I had to get it for him. He is going to LOVE it!


11.  Karaoke Machine


My daughter asked for a REAL microphone for Christmas. So I thought this would satisfy her urge to have a real microphone. I plan to buy her and my son both their own karaoke cd and let them take turns jamming out. I think they will be pleased with this one!


12.  Legos


My son is obsessed with Legos, so I’m going to help him continue his journey on collecting legos to be able to build more things!


13. Lightning McQueen


My youngest is obsessed with Lightning McQueen so when I saw this and the price, I knew I had to get it for him! He is going to LOVE it!


14.  Mack Truck



Let’s not forget if you have Lightning McQueen, you also need Mack! My youngest is currently sitting over my shoulder while I type this screaming, “Mama, buy for me!” I think he’s going to love it!


15.  Toilet Trouble


My kids saw this at a store and immediately wanted it! This is basically a small toilet that you place water in. You take turns flushing and in the end someone is going to get sprayed. I think it is very similar to the Pie Face game.





WHat Are You Doing?


This is my top 15 favorite toys that I know my children will love. What are you doing for Christmas? What do your children love?


Please leave me a comment with any tips or any more gift ideas! I would LOVE to hear from you!


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